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David Beckham Manchester United Template

David Beckham started from the prestigious Football Club, Manchester United. Becks' parents have so much influence on him, who were fanatical Manchester United supporters.

Becks inherited the addiction to the number club in England and in 1986, he even became a Manchester United mascot, when Man U played a match against West Ham United.

Ten magnificent years, David became part of the history for Manchester United. In 2003, he transfered to Real Madrid, with a five-year-contract.

If you're still a fanatique of Man U and you can't get rid of David Beckham, here's the template you can get... with both worlds.

becks man u

(Click the picture to see live sample)

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Becks Wallpaper

My wallpaper really sucks. It's either a plain blue wallpaper, or if you can call it as one, or the landscape thingy of Windows XP.

When I first started to be engaged in the computer world, not to be mistaken as being techie or something, but purely knowing the knitty-gritty of the extravagant features of my desktop, the wallpapers. I remembered spending my days just to get a beautiful wallpaper on my desktop. Well, this is how eyes become so demanding on what they willl see once your desktop pop up.

In the office, then I realized, desktop wallpapers aren't important at all. I've been working as an accountant, and naturally I have my own pc. I even don't remember the last time I had a wallpaper. Perhaps, the disgusting thing I'll do the first time after opening my computer, is to check my tons of emails. Grrrr! I hope I had someone to organize them.

Anyway, I don't wanna spoil you with my story with wallpaper. If you can't get rid of David Beckham mania, and you wanted to see him everywhere, I have included here wonderful wallpapers of Becks. Hope you'll like 'em and there's more to add on here.





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More Fashion and Hairstyles

If there's one thing I loved most everytime I see a print ad or a particular football game, is the different haistyles of David Beckham, which suits him, in whatever haircut he wanted. This only reminds us how beautiful his face is, that various haistyles match with his face shape, tone and style. This is one of his fad that he can change from 6-month-timeline to 1-week-change-of-mind. He can from long to longer, from blond to blondier, to semi-bald to more bald. In every changes, the sexy aura will co-exist with his style.

Because of strong English features, we can't help it but notice those look-alikes that will be associated with Beckham everytime he got a new hairstyle. We dunno who inspires him to come up with these styles, regardless if it is "in" or "out" of fashion. The thing is, he is a fashion-setter. Give him a haircut, and everyone in Hollywood will do the same.

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